Saturday, January 9, 2010

'they' make TROUBLE again!!!!

they make trouble again!!!!!!!!!
what actually going on????
hummm~ bout the using Allah's name in their holly book... what make me "terkejut tahap gaban" when im on my way back from USIM... while hear the news on radio... suddenly first news is about church was burn in explosion... i thought that was abroad news,, but,, the real it's in Malaysia early that morning... in same time im on massaging using mobile phone with my mom and my dad about the tax issue in Malaysia... coz i almost forgot what i learned @ tamhidi/foundation ;P
but they want me 2 google it with my own self... =( so,, xjadi la ask them bout boom 2...

reached home,, really messy in mind bout the task from Dr.Nursilah juz now... quiz,, paper work for industrial trip,, picnic with classmate diz sunday,, assignment,, and sOOOO on... take 5 1st k,, deep breath... watch the movie jap... hahaa,, da la tengok cite '2012'... make me extra nervous...
aku terfikir2,, kalau la those christian buat serangan balas,, its not imposible au,, coz our country middle from other non-islamic country... adakah nasib aku pon jadi cam saudara2 kat Palestin??? aku sedia kah??? kuat kah???

hari yang menakutkan... i juz think bout that thing (war) sepanjang hari... mengalahkan PM or other ministers... ahakz;D
then,, i ask my friend(sha) yang da kebetulan duk chating or ber'fb' 2h 2 google bout news 2 day...she said,, "xde pon cite church di bakar 2... kat Mesir ade r" - because serangan balas islam 2 kaum Qibti... sbb sorang lelaki kristian da buat shial dgn merogol sorang bdk islam di mesir... im still not satisfy la,, coz i thought the news i was hear juz now 2 berita Malaysia... =/
without waste time,, i proced 2 watch cite 'Avatar' lak... banyak la take 5... take 5hours ade r ;P suddenly Sha enter 2 my room and said,, the news bout the church was burn 2 btl... it happened early this morning around 12a.m something involving 3 unit of churches (betol x plural nya camni??) =P

amboi2,, seen like they really invite us to 'fight'... sengaja bermain with sensitive issue,, then wanna make us angry,, then accuse us as teroris or what ever... MAIN DGN SARANG LEBAH YE.....hello,, amik simple example la,, u all love to publish extreme movie,, war movie,, seen like that r ur soul... sometime,, orang amek experience from real life 2 'movie' it... and ade jgk para2 disaster which CREATE experience from movie 2 real life... -panjang nak cite why and how-

hummmm,, sometime,, entertainment not juz for fun,, take all the benefit... even the love song like Anuar Zain's song,, could be change into the song 2 praise Allah Ta'ala dlm astro oasis 2h...

btw,, back 2 church terbakar 2h... it happen when pope nye use 'Allah' 2 address their god in their holly book... yes,, the actual christian use 'IT' also 2 address their god... but in Malaysia it become prohibition according 2 Federal Constitution... Artikel 11(4) Pelembagaan Persekutuan mengawal dan menyekat pengembangan agama2 bukan islam dalam kalangan orang islam... why we state that kind of Constitution??? as Mdm. Masitah said,, if u belong something,, sure la kite wanna keep it as well as could kan??? semasa penubuhan Malaysia,, kite state kan 2 protect islam as well la...
why penggunaan name 'Allah' for christian in Malaysia assume as 2 separate their religion 2 islam citizen??? coz it make people who not really understand or really strong about Islam,, may get confuse... that show,, how weak pelaksanaan islam dlm negara kita... sedikit kita di jentik,, semua gelabah... in positive side,, bagos la coz nampak like we really care each other... and menjaga kesucian islam... but its actually begin from.......-i cant go further because that only my own opinion and i should negotiate it first with my dad-......... ngeE~

hummmm,, jom la sambung tengok '51planet' b4 my busy day BEGIN!!! =P promis,, last movie!!! ngeh3~
like Dr.Radhi said,, "no day 2 get bored... as a 'syabab',, there r a lot of things we 've 2 do and must do"...