Sunday, October 24, 2010

Pacar Baru Sejati :)

kejutan yang menjadi... nasib xde gambar muke terkejut tuh... aiyooo... from kiri,,me (16/10),, kak nabila (2?/10) & che mas (9/10) thanx 2 kak Nurul n de geng... heE... kak afifah,, kak ina,, kwn2: fifa! Najiha,, Najah,, Auni,, semua lah... toceEE... "uhibbukum FILLAH" insyaAllah...
-sahabat adalah: bila kita ingat dia akan bawa kita ingat pada DIA...- ;D

sangat nak cepat hari jumaat 2... so makan rasa2 jek... xsempat nak habiskan... T_T hee... cukup la tuh!!! the price,, the size is nothing... but the value from ur sincere... i feel it...

let'S fall in lOve again... ;) i like the melody... but not the lyric;(
Let's pretend baby
That you've just met me
And I've never seen you before
I'll tell all my friends
That I think you're staring
And you say the same
To yours
And Oh
We'll dance around it all night
And then I'll follow you outside
And try to open up my mouth
And nothing comes out right
And I wanna fall in love with you again
I don't have to try
It's so easy who needs to pretend
But because
It's so funny let's just think about it honey
Let's just fall in love again
I'll call you in three days
Not too soon not too late
And I'll ask your roommate if you're home
You'll call me on Thursday
And we'll hang out all day
Then fall asleep on the phone
-bla... bla... bla...-